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Our 2020 Objectives

We have set ourselves ambitious objectives and enacted corresponding measures for the continual integration of business and sustainability. Symrise can only achieve sustainable growth if we implement our economic efforts in a proactive and responsible way. Our economic ambitions are therefore shaped by goals and measures along the four pillars of our sustainability agenda in line with our integrated corporate strategy.

Sustainable Growth

5 – 7 %
Average annual sales growth (CAGR)
19 – 22 %
Annual EBITDA margin
 > 50 %
Share of sales in emerging ­markets by 2020
Objectives 2014 2020
Resource Efficiency Reducing sensitive waste. - 29 % - 33 %
Process Yield Reducing product loss via wastewater. - 18 % - 33 %
Climate Protection Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. - 19 % - 33 %

Our basis is the year 2010. The figures represent the cumulative ­reduction over the years normalized by value added (without Diana).

Objectives 2014 2020
Innovative Strength The number of patents we submit. 33 > 25
Responsible Innovation Strategic partnership with the Union for Ethical BioTrade and the Global Nature Fund. We integrate aspects of biodiversity into our R & D activities as well as our procurement policy and train relevant stakeholders along the value chain.
Objectives 2014 2020
Sustainable Sourcing 70 %
of our main suppliers are measured by sustainability criteria.
100 %
of our main suppliers will be measured by sustainability criteria.
Backward Integration and Biodiversity Foundation of a strategic partnership with the Union for Ethical BioTrade and the Global Nature Fund. We evaluate 100 % of the growers that supply us directly on ethical and biodiversity criteria.
Objectives 2014 2020
Employer of Choice We continually reduce unwanted employee turnover. 4.8 % < 4.8 %
Health and Safety We constantly improve work safety and are ­committed to the health of our employees. MAQ* 4.8 MAQ* 2.0

* MAQ= Accidents subject to reporting requirements (>1 work day) x 1 million / working hours. The figures concerning Care include Diana.