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We Are Heading

The Executive Board of Symrise AG has its eye on the long-term development of the company. The following pages provide an answer to the fundamental question “Where we are heading” – with a view to sustainable growth. CEO Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram ­highlights the most important points:
What are the guiding principles for the development of Symrise in the coming years or even decades?

Symrise operates in attractive and versatile markets that are constantly facing new challenges. We battle for market share with very capable, established competitors. In this environment, we want to maintain and expand Symrise’s strong position to secure the future of the company in the interest of our shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers. Constant innovation that ­enhances the customer benefits of our products and product solutions as well as the ongoing discovery of new business oppor­tunities are major driving forces in this effort. Every year, we set ourselves the goal of growing faster than the relevant markets and thereby maintaining our high level of profitability, which provides us with strategic flexibility.

But long-term business success is not possible without a conscious attitude and a coherent system of values. How do we treat each other within the company? What kind of relationship do we maintain with our customers? Are we acting responsibly towards the environment and society? Symrise has a solid foundation of values that is shared by all of its employees. “Sharing values” is not merely a motto for our Corporate Report – it is at the heart of our everyday experience. We derive goals from these values that we pursue with determination – see “Our 2020 Objectives” on the next two spreads.

The big news from the 2014 fiscal year was the acquisition of the French Diana Group. Why did Symrise decide to purchase Diana and where are we heading from here?
Diana is one of the most attractive companies in the food ingre­dients industry and an ideal fit for Symrise. With Diana, we are substantially expanding our portfolio of natural ingredients. Furthermore, we are opening up new areas of business, enlarging our backward integration for agricultural raw materials and thereby meeting the expectations of our customers regarding the traceability of ingredients. Diana is characterized by a high-­quality product portfolio and customer base, high profitability and growth prospects stemming from its strong innovative ability. With the ongoing integration of Diana, we are creating a unique platform within the industry that gives us new opportunities for profitable growth beyond our previous target markets. Diana and Symrise are not only a perfect match regarding their economic ­aspects, but the DNA of both companies is also very similar.

Integration DIANA Group

That makes us curious. Do Diana and Symrise both share a “winning gene”?
I don’t think I like the term, but it’s got the right idea. The outstanding development of Symrise since 2003 and Diana’s performance since the 1990s shows that the employees in both companies have internalized attitudes and values that form the basis for sustained entrepreneurial success. Whether “always inspiring more...” or “performance from nature,” our thoughts and actions are constantly guided by creativity and innovation. We apply the highest standards to our work and our products while maintaining a clear customer orientation. Diana will add its close connection to nature and related raw materials to Symrise’s extensive expertise in flavor profiles that satisfy the needs and desires of consumers. This will provide a compre­hensive experience for consumers and many new impulses for our business. I am looking forward to it.