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Who We Are &
What We Stand For

Symrise’s products provide exciting flavor and fragrance experiences and contribute to the health and well-being of consumers in 160 countries around the world. Innovation, ­diversity and sustained success characterize our corporate development.

WHO WE ARE Symrise develops, produces and sells approx­imately 30,000 fragrances and flavors and cosmetic ingredients based on roughly 10,000 mostly natural raw materials, including vanilla, citrus products, onions, fish, meat or flower and plant materials. Further, we provide biofunctional and bioactive ingredients and substances as solutions in the health and personal care application areas. Symrise is also characterized by its development of products with additional benefits – for instance reduced sugar or salt content or reduced levels of preservatives. Sustainable product solutions, based on the company’s expertise in green chemistry and white biotechnology, are constantly at the forefront.

The expansion of the Group in 2014 is further advancing the company’s development: With the acquisition of the French ­Diana Group, Symrise is expanding into the highly attractive market segment for pet food and broadening its portfolio of natural raw materials. The inclusion of the Swedish Probi AB in the Symrise Group strengthens research and development in the area of probiotic, health-promoting food and nutritional supplements.

As of December 31, 2014, a total of 8,301 people were employed by the Symrise Group. Their hard work, passion and diversity are key to the company’s success.

The Integrated
Symrise Corporate Strategy

WHAT WE STAND FOR Shared values are the basis for ­common goals at Symrise. The employees of the Diana Group share these values and actively support the same goals.

Sustainability is part of the business model at Symrise, as it creates tangible competitive advantages.

The integrated corporate strategy is aimed at sustainable, profitable growth through processes that are continually made more efficient and a portfolio that helps satisfy the basic needs of a growing population in the areas of food, health and well-being.

Together with the innovative strength that is typical of Symrise, its employees fulfill the company’s promise of “always inspiring more…” day after day.

HOW THE GROUP IS STRUCTURED The operating business breaks down into the two segments Flavor & Nutrition and Scent & Care. While Flavor & Nutrition consists of the two divisions Flavors and Diana, Scent & Care contains the three di­visions Fragrances, Cosmetic Ingredients and Aroma Molecules. The segments and divisions work closely together in order to make use of synergies and share knowledge.

The Group’s Corporate Center is located in Holzminden, Germany. The company has regional headquarters in France (Rennes), in the USA (Teterboro, New Jersey), Brazil (São Paulo) and Singapore. With Symrise sites in more than 40 countries, the Group has a local presence in its most important sales markets. Our ­direct proximity to customers and raw materials is equally ben­eficial to the continual increase in the company’s value, society and the environment.

Vielfalt als Vorteil

Symrise has always been creating exciting taste and fragrance experiences – this is at the heart of our daily operations. With commitment and dedication, we develop the best possible concepts for our customers’ products. We do this so that ­consumers around the world can enjoy the most common things of life, which often contain health-promoting or nurturing properties.

Symrise stands for diversity: for thousands of different ­products, for a wealth of ideas and for people from different backgrounds who are interconnected and share values. Together we turn this diversity into a competitive advantage: We are creative, constantly striving to provide the highest quality and sustainability, fulfilling our motto of “always inspiring more...” day after day.