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the Family

Diana – Performance from Nature

The Diana Group became a member of the Symrise family on July 8, 2014.
The companies are similar in many ways:

  • Agile customer orientation
  • Market-leading position with high growth potential
  • Innovation as a growth driver
  • Lighthouse projects in sustainability

Diana: A Profile

Diana is a worldwide leading player providing customized sensorial and nutritional solutions based on natural ingredients to its customers in the Food, Pet Food, Nutraceuticals, Aquaculture and Cosmetics industries. Diana’s unique expertise in biosciences, its strong backward integration approach and major investments in innovation serve the performance of customers’ brands and bring additional benefits to the well-being of the whole family.

Like Symrise, the company headquartered in Rennes, France, has a broad network of international production sites and sales branches. Together, the two companies are represented in more than 40 countries – maintaining proximity to customers as well as raw materials.

Diana’s dynamic corporate culture thrives on diversity: Diana’s 2,000+ employees are of 31 different nationalities. 56 % of the employees in management positions are women. More than 10 % of employees work in the areas of research & development. Both companies look forward to a close cooperation especially in research & development.

Diana’s Products

Diana is the preferred partner of customers from all over the world for support in market positioning and creating value through six advantages:

  • Solutions based on natural ingredients
  • Additional sensory and nutritional benefits
  • Custom-tailored products driven by innovation and close partnerships
  • Unique know-how in biosciences processes
  • Supply security and traceability from a high level of backward integration
  • Sustainable resource management and preservation of biodiversity

Symrise’s advancements in biotechnology and in patented ­adsorption methods will allow for even more sustainable product solutions for customers – thereby further strengthening Diana’s portfolio and market dynamics.

Benefits for the Group

The integration of Diana as an independent division of the Flavor & Nutrition segment provides Symrise with:

  • Unique integrated capabilities to create sustained consumer preferences and customer value
  • Access to new markets position such as the pet food and baby food markets with a very strong market leadership
  • Strengthened portfolio of solutions based on natural ingredients
  • Expansion of backward integration with respect to further taste competencies especially in fruit and vegetables
  • Knowledge sharing platform in research & development
  • New technologies
  • Joint use of operational infrastructure

The corporate strategy and the product portfolio of Diana and Symrise supplement one another ideally. The merger of Diana and Symrise strengthens both companies.

Diana’s application areas enrich the Group’s portfolio with attractive product solutions:


Diana Food enhances the culinary taste of savory applications, naturally colors beverages and confectionary goods, brings texture and visual impact to baby food and health actives to food supplements.

Pet Food

Diana Pet Food, the world’s leading partner committed to improving pet food performance, develops innovative solutions to increase the well-being of cats and dogs, and pet owner satisfaction.


Diana Nova acts as an incubator, gathering new activities such as aquaculture and plant cell culture. Diana Aqua turns marine resources into bioactive solutions. DianaPlantSciences develops potent phytoactives and tailored organoleptic solutions.
A natural evolution
Our mission has always been creating good food and a great experience – good food that is sustainable, nutritious, healthy and trusted; a great experience that delights everyone in terms of flavor, aroma, texture, color and mouthfeel. Diana represents a natural evolution in this direction, adding distinctive sustainable, sensorial and nutritional performance capabilities to our range. Together we create sustained consumer preference and customer value.

Probi – First in Probiotics

The Swedish company Probi AB researches and develops in the area of probiotics and is an international leading manufacturer of probiotic cultures for beverages, milk products and nutritional supplements. Probiotics promote gastrointestinal health and strengthen the immune system.

Probi AB (= Aktiebolaget; Swedish for stock corporation), headquartered in Lund in southern Sweden, was added to the Symrise family on April 29, 2014, and is fully consolidated in Symrise’s consolidated financial statements. Symrise holds 49 % of the voting rights in Probi AB.

Symrise and Probi are working together to develop probiotics with health-promoting characteristics. The focus of the strategic collaboration is the development of functional ingredients for oral care products. With the combination of Symrise’s know-how in the areas of sensory and functional ingredients and Probi’s wealth of experience in patented probiotics, completely new products with high-quality profiles can be developed for consumers – particularly those that offer proven health benefits.

The global market for probiotics and probiotic food is constantly growing. In 2013, the market volume expanded by 5 % to € 23.6 billion.

The average adult has about 1 kg of bacteria in their body. Normally, the “good” and “bad” bacteria are more or less in balance. Unhealthy eating habits can endanger this balance and cause illnesses of the digestive tract and cardiovascular system or result in diabetes. The bacteria developed by Probi counteract the negative consequences of our ­modern lifestyles.

Probi sees itself as a profit-oriented research company. In their aim to develop the company into one of the world’s leading suppliers in the premium segment for probiotics, research and development combine in a close and equal cooperation with marketing and sales.