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Statement from the most senior decision-maker of the organization

Dear Readers and Friends of the Company,

The world of Symrise thrives on diversity. This is reflected in the roughly 30,000 products our company makes that delight the senses of consumers around the world, promote their health or offer them nurturing properties. It is seen in our dependence and use of nature’s diversity, which is reflected in the approximately 10,000 different raw materials we use to manufacture creative and innovative fragrances, flavors, cosmetic ingredients and substances. It is also seen in the 160 sales markets we serve around the globe.

We use the diversity in our company – the diversity of ideas, cultures, backgrounds, genders and ages – to develop unique concepts for our customers’ products and create unique experiences for consumers. We see diversity as a competitive advantage and an essential basis for value creation. That is why we work hard to encourage it.

Growing through Diversity is the title of our corporate report 2014 and is also the main theme of the interviews and reports in the magazine section. There we report on sustainable raw material sourcing, the efficient use of resources and innovations from nature and the people behind Symrise, who form the backbone of our strong corporate culture on the basis of shared values.

You’ll find something new in our corporate report this year, with the addition of the sustainability record. As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, we voluntarily committed ourselves to consistently upholding and implementing principles of responsible business. Alongside of this, the corporate report also contains extracts from the management report and the consolidated financial statements. This goes hand in hand with our integrated corporate strategy.

We can tell you this much up front: The 2014 fiscal year represented another very successful year for Symrise. We once again outperformed the market and achieved profitable growth. We exceeded the € 2 billion mark in sales and set a new record with normalized net income of € 212 million. And we tapped into new growth potentials with the integration of the Diana Group and gained new competencies – along with greater diversity.

Your Global Management Committee