Organizational Profile | G4-4

Primary brands, products, and/or services

Symrise develops, produces and sells fragrances and flavors as well as active ingredients for the cosmetics industry. Its customers include companies in the perfume, cosmetics and food industries, as well as manufacturers of household products. In addition, Symrise provides biofunctional and bioactive ingredients and substances to the health and personal care sector. Symrise substantially expanded its portfolio of natural ingredients with the acquisition of the French Diana Group in July 2014. The acquisition also opened up new attractive market segments, such as the pet food market.

Symrise manufactures about 30,000 products from around 10,000 – mostly natural – raw materials such as vanilla, citrus products or flower and plant materials. The value chain of both segments extends across product research, development, purchasing and production as well as the sale of the products and solutions. The flavors, perfume oils and active ingredients are generally central functional components in our customers’ end products and often play a decisive role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. Along with the typical product characteristics such as fragrance and taste, our value creation lies in the development of products with additional benefits.