Organizational Profile | G4-13

Significant changes during the reporting period regarding size, structure, ownership, or its supply chain

With the acquisition of the French Diana Group on July 29, 2014, Symrise expanded into the highly attractive market for pet food and increased its natural raw material base. The Swedish company Probi AB became part of the Symrise family on April 29, 2014. It researches and develops in the area of probiotics. Probi AB was fully consolidated in Symrise’s consolidated financial statements. Symrise holds 46.6 % of the voting rights in Probi AB. Insofar as not otherwise stated, the financial and employee-related data relates to Symrise without Probi AB, but including Diana. With all other key figures, particularly those of an environmental nature, the figures include neither Diana nor Probi AB. The standardization of the data collection process has not yet been completed. This means that we will only be able to provide a comprehensive report on our environmental efforts, complete with figures for the Diana Group, starting with the 2015 fiscal year.