Identified Material Aspects and Boundaries | G4-18

Process for defining the report content and the Aspect Boundaries

The Sustainability Board plays a crucial role when it comes to the development and structure of our integrated corporate strategy. In 2014, it led a review of the strategic orientation of our sustainability commitments. Within this framework, our fields of action were revised and compared with new developments and requirements, such as the GRI G4 directive regarding our reporting. Based on our “Sharing Values” approach, we have evaluated our fields of action according to their “value for society” and “value for Symrise” and identified topics with the greatest potential for shared added value.

At the same time, the priorities of our main stakeholders were recorded as part of our stakeholder management, which is oriented towards the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard, and compared this with our strategic fields of action. As part of a global online survey, Symrise employees from the divisions and central positions that are in direct contact with our stakeholders identified the respective relevance of the fields of action for the stakeholders. This was supplemented by in-depth interviews with select internal representatives that evaluated the form and intensity of our stakeholder contacts. The results of the materiality analysis were validated as part of a Sustainability Board meeting where every division was represented and subsequently approved by the Executive Board. The materiality analysis also serves as a basis for structuring our reporting pursuant to the GRI G4 guidelines: We provide a full report on topics to which a higher value for both Symrise and society is accredited. On topics that only have a high relevance in one dimension, we provide a report with at least one indicator. Insofar as not otherwise stated, the financial and employee-related data relates to Symrise without Probi AB, but including Diana. With all other key figures, particularly those of an environmental nature, the figures include neither Diana nor Probi AB. The standardization of the data collection process has not yet been completed. This means that we will only be able to provide a comprehensive report on our environmental efforts, complete with figures for the Diana Group, starting with the 2015 fiscal year.