Stakeholder Engagement | G4-26

Approaches to stakeholder engagement

A number of internal and external formats and channels enable Symrise to maintain a lively dialogue with its stakeholders. We receive important input on possible improvements via a continual dialogue with our employees, e.g. through regular feedback discussions. Our strengths and weaknesses are evaluated as part of regular employee engagement surveys. The last one was performed in 2012 and had a 76 % participation rate.

With the help of the SEDEX platform, we also maintain close contact with numerous raw material suppliers on ethical topics since 2011. We keep our customers and investors up-to-date on developments within our company with road shows and innovation days.

We take the concerns of our neighbors at our sites very seriously and keep them informed via informational events and regular neighborhood newsletters. We also have established a 24/7 environmental on-call service.

We not only maintain a regular exchange of information with non-governmental organizations, but have also entered into strategic partnerships on specific topics in order to generate sustainable value for society and the environment. The expectations of our stakeholders shared with us via these interactions inspire us and represent the basis for our work.