Governance | G4-38

Composition of the highest governance body and its committees

The current Supervisory Board at Symrise AG, has a total of twelve members, including seven independent members and three women: Ms. Hufnagel, Ms. Jarke and Prof. Dr. Pfeifer. The Supervisory Board seeks to ensure that in its future composition too, at least one-fourth of its members will be female. The Supervisory Board considers one quarter to be an appropriate share of women. They arrived at this figure by doubling the current proportion of women among the Group’s managerial staff, which amounted to one-eighth at the end of the last fiscal year. Generally, at least seven independent members should always be represented in the Supervisory Board. Furthermore, the Supervisory Board strives to ensure that the share of Supervisory Board members from other nations does not fall below one-third.