Generic Disclosures on Management Approach

A comprehensive analysis of our own processes and their impact on the environment is the most important prerequisite for a successful reduction of our environmental footprint. From raw materials sourcing and processing to product development, production and logistics: We examine every link along our value chain and every stage in the product life cycle to identify areas needing work and those with potential for reducing our energy, water and resource consumption as well as our emissions.

In 2014, we focused increasingly on decoupling our dynamic growth in the corresponding application areas from their possible environmental impacts. We further optimized the energy balance in key areas via additional measures and placed a stronger focus on reducing emissions as part of Total Productive Maintenance. To further improve the environmental efficiency of our chemical production, we will also work on enhancing the management of byproducts from our existing processes.

We also aim to use less fossil fuels and to successively increase our use of renewable energies. Moreover, we process production waste for thermal recycling and thereby save on heating oil. A major portion of our energy consumption takes place at our headquarters in Holzminden, due to the high production volumes generated there. Our subsidiary TESIUM therefore developed concepts for completely renovating our energy supply systems in 2012. This should reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, increase our energy efficiency and substantially lower our CO2 emissions. In 2013, we performed initial feasibility studies and added greater detail to our plans.