Materials | G4-EN1

Materials used by weight or volume

We use approximately 10,000 natural and synthetic raw materials from over 100 countries to manufacture our products. Our products consist mainly of value-adding preliminary products, meaning aromatic compounds and active components, in addition to carriers such as ethanol.

With an increasing number of natural raw materials, we are purchasing materials with certified origins. For example, palm oils and palm oil derivatives, which we use around the world, are mainly procured from sources that are certified by the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Roughly 1,350 raw materials are available at Symrise for use in organic and fair trade products. That corresponds to about 14 % of our raw material portfolio. Our customers have primarily requested certified products in regards to iconic ingredients like vanilla or lavender. In 2013, Symrise became the first fragrance company to purchase CENSO-certified lavandin oil.


Exact weight or volume disclosures on the materials we use are not published, as we consider this information confidential.