Biodiversity | G4-EN12

Description of significant impacts on biodiversity in protected areas

We closely assess our influence on biodiversity to ensure the long-term availability of natural resources. As part of this, we participated in a biodiversity check performed by the Global Nature Fund and the corporate consulting firm dokeo in 2011 and 2012. The check examines the interactions between biodiversity and a company’s own activities and derives opportunities and risks along the product life cycle. As the results showed, Symrise has recognized the importance of this issue and sets itself apart in terms of its commitment, clear responsibilities and regular materiality analyses.

Two of Symrise’s sites are located in or adjacent to conservation areas: We have committed to protecting the Mata Atlântica rainforest neighboring our development center in Cotia, Brazil, and to ensure that our business activities have no negative impact on its ecosystem. Our site in Vohemar, Madagascar, has a limited influence on the environment as only fermentation and extraction processes are performed there. With the help of integrated measures, we want to minimize our impact in the medium term and support projects that actively help to conserve biodiversity.