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Extent of impact mitigation of environmental impacts of products and services

Innovation is a key driver of sustainability at Symrise. In 2012, we introduced a process for logging and assessing our sustainability performance in product development. Using specific indicators, we check every project regarding its sustainability contribution. An initial result led to the development of a completely new green chemistry approach. While we usually further develop our existing products with continual improvements, we now concentrate on the complete redesign of processes using modern chemistry. This radical approach brings groundbreaking possibilities: For instance it eliminates by-products, while improving raw material efficiency and allowing for a much lower environmental impact overall. In order to further expand the research focus on green chemistry, Symrise put a catalysis laboratory into operation in 2013. Here, Symrise researches catalytic methods for new molecules, examines chemical processes and optimizes existing methods for aromatic substances and flavors. In this way, we aim to increasingly develop high-quality products with a reduced environmental impact and take on the upstream stages of production in terms of backward integration.

Key focuses in the development of improved flavor solutions include the optimization of existing agricultural-based products and the comprehensive search for suitable new side streams from the enhancement or concentration of established agricultural production and food manufacturing. Here, biotechnological approaches and new physical separation technologies are also being tested. Typical examples include already existing products made from onions, for which the entire process chain – from the choice of onion type to the agricultural cultivation to processing and waste reduction – has been reevaluated. To do this, Symrise works with numerous publicly funded research institutes as well as with specialized companies.