Training and Education | G4-LA10

Programs for skills management and lifelong learning

Symrise follows a strong implementation-oriented approach to personnel development that combines organizational development and individual career development. For key positions that are especially relevant to business performance, we systematically identify and develop potential successors.

Our training activities are pooled under the Symrise Academy, which consists of four strategic pillars:

  • Flavorist and perfumer school
  • Technical / specialist training for our employees
  • Training for sales personnel
  • Developing managerial staff

Our flavorist and perfumer school has enjoyed great success around the world. Every year, young employees complete their training as junior flavorists or perfumers. Since 2009, we have been offering diverse training opportunities to semi-skilled employees in production that qualify them as flavor specialists or process chemical technicians as well as, more recently, chemical production specialists and inventory specialists. Another core component of our educational landscape is the qualification of sales personnel, for example through high-performance sales training.

In 2014, we started an initiative aimed at promoting our future managers under the title “Future Generation Leadership Development Program.” Twenty-four talented individuals were trained for key management positions on the basis of an individual potential analysis. Experienced managers accompany the junior managers as mentors.

Furthermore, we also want to develop the personal competencies of our employees in the sense of lifelong learning and therefore offer a diverse training and educational program that ranges from safety training and language courses to project management and IT classes. Here, we link our information and training program with our corporate health management. In 2014, we offered training events on the following topics: healthy eating, healthy sleeping habits for shift workers and staying healthy at work.